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Saturday, November 13, 2010

..Dah BaNyAK SaNGAT DuiT??..

Johnny Swing is a very original furniture designer who decided to give literal meaning to the phrase “sitting on cash” by building a series of sofas and chairs out of thousands of coins.

His latest creation, entitled “All the King’s Men” was made out of thousands of 50-cent coins, which makes it not only ridiculously uncomfortable, but also insanely expensive. Each coin was welded to a steel frame, which obviously takes a lot of patience, but considering Johnny has done it a few times before, it probably wasn’t that much of a problem.

While it’s not the kind of comfortable furniture you’d want to slouch on when you get home from work, Johnny Swing’s coin sofa is definitely something to look at, especially knowing that owning it is actually illegal in many countries.

Kellasss kan..


IxoR@ said...

ishhh... aku ngeri la.. takut pun ado.. macam sisik ular!

bila tengok dekat2... duit syiling rupanya.. kelass!!!

mmg kayoo!

chomelista homestay said...

pergh... thn lps aku simpan duit syiling.. ratus2 RM gak ah.. rugi xwat camni hihi.

aiDieNa said...

Memang.. macam sisik ular.. sisik ikan pon yer juger..

tak lambat lagi.. mula mengumpul dari sekarang.. tak lama bleh lar buat sofa sendiri yg lagi canggih dari nie..


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