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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


They are not aware about the advanced world.
Sitting on the grass mat, living an isolated life….

All day he has to pick garbage for his survival…..

Care for child safetyduring play!!!

No home to protect them from the winter….

All that belongs to me is my body.
Can’t afford a pair of shoes….

Nido milk is good for children’s health, but….

Study, play and work all in one…..

Time to buy a new bedroom set???
How do the orphans sleep....

How do you see his future…..

Living on the garbage pile….

Do you see hope in these eyes!!!!

Looking for food…

Not happy with your 2 Bedroom Apartment???
This is my home, my world, my universe….

Where is my lunch??

Don’t waste water, some people desperately need it…

So what do you think about yourself ?

We could have been in one of these pictures isn't it. Of course we don't even wish to view so.

It is the pure mercy of Godwe are in a status of reading this message.

We do mostly keep thinking of what we don't have or what we need to have.

Have we ever tried to count His blessings we have been receiving ?

We will be surprised what the good Lordhas done to us all these days.

Now keep thanking God for the blessings and abundance he has showered upon us?

Try to reach to those who deserve to share your blessings.



Lia said...

bersyukur dgn segala kurniaan dari Allah s.w.t kpd kita kan.. semoga Allah s.w.t kurnia kan rezeki buat mereka yg menderita tu kelak ye.

eB ezrin said...

aduh.... speechless....

aiDieNa said...

Alhamdulillah.. sesungguhnya kita sering terlupa.. betapa besar nikmat diberikanNya..

Memang tidak terkata.. tak terbandingkan susah mereka dan kita..


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