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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

..aiSHa A Picky Eater..

Tau sebab aper budak kat atas nie kurus sangat?? She's a picker.. sangat susah nak makan.. selalu ikut mood dan ikut orang.. kalau ramai² orang berebut makan benda yang sama.. maka dia akan turut serta riuhkan suasana..

Bila nak disuap makan.. Aisha tanak tu.. Aisha tanak nie... Aisha tak suka sayur.. walaupon Bonda selalu kasik tau.. makan sayur nanti kulit cantik.. macam Bonda.. ehehehe... dia tetap tolak.. selalu jugak dia cuma nak disuap nasi kosong... makan roti kosong... lauk.. hmm.. ikut lar.. kalau kena tekak dia baru lar dia nak makan.. tapi udang dan sotong.. itu feberet.. tok leh tolak.. kalau ada lauk tu kat pinggan ko... dia ulang mintak tu sajer... juga kerang.. tapi yg nie more to Alyaa.. sangat suka makan kerang... kalau p kedai order kerang bakar tu khas utk dia saja.. sbb dia akan konker.. urgghhh... "Nie kakak punyer!!"

Ayat biasa yang kuar biler Aisha disuruh makan.. "Tak nak".. "Aisha dah kenyang".. "Nanti puwut Aisha kumbung".. "Bluek.. tak sedap!".. Aduhai sangat seksa nak menyumbat makanan ke perutnya.. selalunya kalau makan pon.. misalnya sebiji donut.. separuh jer dapat masuk mulut.. selebihnya tak abis.. dan dia adalah sangat lawas... makan sikit.. berak.. makan lagi berak.. sangat kerap berak.. atau metabolisme badan dia sangat tinggi.. ntah!

Ibu maner yang suka anaknya kurus.. macam orang tak cukup makan?? Aku sangat suka kanak² yang montel... ramai yang kesian biler tengok si Aisha... kecik sangat badan tak padan dengan usia... Satu hari kat farmasi aritu.. "Yang nie nama saper?".. "Aisha Ameerah.." "Baper umo" "Yang tu 4 tahun.. nie nak masuk 3.. dan yang kecik nie setahun 2 bln" "Alahai ciannyer.. Kak Ngah selalunya mesti yang paling kecik.." See.. what the pharmacian said.. aku pon anak no. 2 jugak lar... kecik memang kurus.. tapi idak ler sekurus Aisha... sekarang aku gemok aper.. hahaha...

Aper nak buat dengan anak yang suka memilih makanan nie eak?? Mungkin artikel nie dari http://www.babycenter.com berguna buat panduan diriku atau kalian yg mempunyai masalah yang sama..

Why is my child such a picky eater?

It's perfectly normal for preschoolers to object to the shape, color, or texture of a food — or to suddenly decide that they hate everything, even foods they loved yesterday. It's also common for them to have what experts call food jags. That is, they insist on eating the same few foods at every meal.

"It's a fear of new things," says Nancy Hudson, a registered dietitian at the University of California, Berkeley. "We think it's one of those quirks that humans probably developed to protect themselves as mankind evolved. You don't try new things because you don't know if they're safe." This fear of new things usually tapers off by age 4, but for some children it continues into adulthood. At any rate, whether it's his bedtime routine or his peanut butter sandwich cut on the diagonal, your child probably likes things to be consistent and familiar — so he may not be willing to try new foods until you've served them numerous times.

Picky eating can also be a preschooler's way of declaring his independence ("You can't make me eat that") and may have less to do with the actual food than a need to push the limits of your authority and assert some control over his life. Finally, because preschoolers are a wiggly lot, it may seem as though your child can't sit still long enough to eat very much at one sitting. You can try to keep your child interested in his food longer by making mealtime as calm and uneventful as possible, without distractions from toys, television, or pets.

Tips for introducing new foods to a picky eater

Your child has an innate sense of how much food his body needs to grow and be healthy, and it's up to him to decide what he's going to eat. The best thing you can do is to provide a wide variety of healthy foods in a positive, relaxed environment so mealtimes will be enjoyable for everyone. Here are some specific tips on how to handle a picky eater:

Provide a variety of good foods for your preschooler to eat at each meal. Keep in mind that it takes numerous exposures to a new food for a child to see it as familiar enough to try. So be patient. When you do offer a new food, simply place it on the dinner table with everything else, and don't make a big deal about it. Don't put it right on your child's plate, which may seem threatening or cause him to rebel. Eventually, after he's seen you eat the food a few times, he may feel more open to trying it himself.

Serve child-size portions. For example, two slices of bread provides the daily grain requirements for a 2- or 3-year old, and 2 tablespoons of peanut butter (just enough to barely cover two slices of bread) give a young child about half the recommended amount of daily protein.

Don't give your preschooler too many options at mealtime. If you say "It's dinnertime. What do you want to eat?" your child will probably choose something familiar, and he'll seem like a picky eater, says Hudson. However, if you say "Here's dinner," he'll have to choose from among the foods you're offering. Of course, you won't want to offer an entire meal of unfamiliar foods because your child simply won't eat them. Instead, always offer a meal that includes at least one thing you know your child likes.

When introducing new foods, don't present them in large quantities. If by some miracle your preschooler is interested in trying a new food, give him just a taste and let him ask for more. That way he'll feel more in control and you won't feel like you're wasting food if he doesn't eat it. When you can, give him a new food to try when you know he's hungry — slices of mango when he has the afternoon munchies, for example.

Keep in mind that some children's palates are more sensitive than others', and they simply won't like the texture, color, or taste of some foods. That's why a child might claim to dislike a food he has never even tried. Likewise, some children may reject a food because it reminds them of a time when they were sick or because they have some other negative association with it. If your preschooler complains that a particular food will make him sick, stop offering that food for a while. You can try again when he's a bit older.

Whenever possible, let your preschooler be involved in food decisions and preparations, including shopping and making meals and snacks. (And if he can help you grow some of the family's produce in the yard, so much the better!) This will give him a sense of control over his diet. And he'll be more likely to eat something that he's chosen, or prepared, for himself. (This works best if you let your child choose from a small selection of foods you've already identified rather than just asking him to pick his supper.) Make fun, healthful treats together — like yogurt-and-fruit banana splits or ants on a log (raisins placed on top of peanut butter-filled celery sticks).

Look for ways to boost the nutritional value of the foods your preschooler enjoys. Put some tuna or ham on his grilled cheese, or meat or tofu in his spaghetti sauce, for example.

Teach your child (without lecturing) about good nutrition. Hang a food chart in the kitchen and have him color in the requirements as he meets them each day, and mention nonchalantly that his oatmeal will help him run and jump better this morning.

Don't cater too much to your preschooler's pickiness. While it was fine to indulge your toddler's desire to have his cheese sandwiches cut into star or moon shapes, your preschooler is getting old enough to eat without special gimmicks.

As your child's world expands and he begins attending preschool, his taste in foods might broaden as well. It's not uncommon for children to be more open to new foods when they're away from home.

How can I get my child to eat a wider variety of foods?

It's unrealistic to expect a preschooler to eat a wide range of foods. In the long run, the example you set by serving and enjoying all sorts of healthy foods — at home and on the go — is one of the best ways to help your child learn to eat well. But for now, try to remember that your child's choice to eat only a few foods is just that — his choice, and it's important to let him learn to make his own decisions about food.

"A child needs to be in control of what he eats," says Hudson. If you force your preschooler to eat a food he doesn't like ("You'll sit at the table until you finish your peas"), or more than he wants, you could be setting him up for problems later: Children who are never allowed to make food decisions for themselves (such as deciding when they're full) are at a greater risk for developing eating disorders or becoming obese later in life. What's more, your strategy will almost always backfire because forcing your child to try new foods will only make him more stubborn and less open to trying new things in the future.

If your preschooler seems to be eating nothing but cheese and crackers for days on end, don't worry. Start keeping a record of what your child eats — you'll probably find that he's hitting all the major food groups and getting the necessary nutrients over the course of a week. Studies from the American Dietetic Association show that children — even those whose parents consider them "picky eaters" — generally consume a wide enough variety of foods to meet their nutritional requirements. If you really don't think your preschooler is eating well, ask your doctor whether it makes sense to give him a daily multivitamin.

How can I tell whether my child is really getting enough to eat if he's not growing?

Don't panic if it seems like your preschooler isn't growing fast enough. Children don't always grow at a steady pace, and there will be times when your child doesn't seem to be growing at all. Keep in touch with your doctor if you're concerned, but don't convey your fears to your child. If you're constantly hovering at mealtime, wheedling, cajoling, and counting calories, he's likely to become even more resistant to eating. Also keep in mind that your child's appetite will vary, depending on things like his activity level and whether or not he's having a growth spurt.


Ena said...

camtu la kan kak.. dah buat mcm2 nak kasi anak makan.. tetap juga nak makan ikut suka dier..

Mane si Ainna yg bolat tu? hhehe

anis pun kurus gak wlaupun dah kuat makan.. camtu pun pelik gak kan!.. ye la asal makan je pastu berak! aduhyaiii..

.::NiK's WiFeY n MoMmY::. said...

risau kan tengok anak tak nak makan..kita dah buat mcm..masak ikut selera dia..tiba2 x nak makan..kurus je..nenek n atok pulak melaser je tengok cucu diorg kurus2..hehehe dulu adini pun mcm tu..2 bulan lepas, hubby lin beli vitamin Champs M Lysine chewable, ok ckit dah adini..nak la jugak makan..ada la jugak minta nasi..
dulu bagi jugak vitamin lysine brand lain, tp sama je x nak makan...hubby lin try lysine M ni..so, cuba la..kot la ok kan.. :)


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