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Thursday, May 25, 2006

~I Am NoBody~

I'm not in my mood today.. I'm LOST.. been crying all night.. dunno why I felt like everybody in the world turn their back on me.. Suddenly I felt so sad... very tiny and hopeless.. I felt that I am nobody in this whole wide world.. I am so lonely.. there is no where I can go.. Nobody needs me!...~ :((

Why am I feeling like this.. not really sure.. I'm not that "Cengeng" girl that used to cried over her life.. I used to be called "Iron Lady" by my friends.. though I am tough from the outside.. but nobody knows that how vulnerable me from the inside.. I would cry and cry.. whenever I felt miserable and useless.. I always thought that maybe the death of my soul would be an ease to someone.. And at that time I can lay rest in peace... I don't have to think of all problems that worried me.. I don't have to make everybody pleased with me.. I don't have to face the people that would always make me sad...

Allah.. please give me strength to fight this irritated feeling...........

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