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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

HaTi² PeMiNaT CoKLaT..

This is an important information for all Muslims!

Be aware of the Red dot inside a red square symbol which shown on chocolate bars like : Bounty Chocolate bar / Mars/ sneakers ... it's shown specifically at the back beside the weight numbers.

That mark means that these products contains gelatin which is derived from PORK!!

They put that mark to warn vegetarian people that the chocolate bar have non-vegetarian contents/ingredients in it.

PLZ share this info with all your friends and remember that "The One Who Guides Others to Good Deeds is Like the One Who Does Them"

Jazakomullah kolla khair


SYANI said...

Thanks for sharing...
Macam² kan orang kafir buat untuk kenakan orang Islam...

Ayu Ayunie said...

dahla gua ni peminat coklat.. pasni nk kena perhati betul-betul bkn takat halal jek.


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